Bitcoin ATM Hatfield

“Hatfield Market” ( ex 7-Eleven )


“Hatfield Market” (ex 7 Eleven)
304 Union St, Hatfield,
PA 19440

Bitcoin ATM Location at
Hatfield, PA

Hatfield, PA Bitcoin ATM

This Bitcoin ATM in Hatfield, PA is located at the “Hatfield Market”, and it’s placed at the back of the store on the left from the entrance, next to the traditional ATM.
The Bitcoin ATM is available to customers seven days a week from 6:30 am – 9:30 pm and is servicing the people at Hatfield Township and the entire Montgomery County and Lehigh Valley area.
You can buy or sell Bitcoin on the machine for cash.

Bitcoin ATM is located at address:
 “Hatfield Market” (ex 7 Eleven)
304 Union St, Hatfield,
PA 19440

Parking area available in the front of the store.

Available 7 Days a week

Monday 6:30AM-9:30PM
Tuesday 6:30AM-9:30PM
Wednesday 6:30AM-9:30PM
Thursday 6:30AM-9:30PM
Friday 6:30AM-9:30PM
Saturday 7:00AM-9:30PM
Sunday 7:00AM-9:30PM

Bitcoin ATM location

“7 Eleven – Hatfield Market”
304 Union St, Hatfield,
PA 19440

Location of Bitcoin ATM at Hatfield, PA

Bitcoin ATM near you at Hatfield, PA

Bitcoin ATM at Hatfield- Hatfield Market 304 Union St, Hatfield, PA 19440 (1)
Bitcoin ATM Lansdale - 709 Market 100 N Wales Rd, Lansdale, PA 19446 atm

Bitcoin ATM Located at:

“7 Eleven – Hatfield Market”
Address: 304 Union St, Hatfield,
PA 19440

Bitcoin ATM at Hatfield- Hatfield Market 304 Union St, Hatfield, PA 19440 Hippo Bitcoin ATM




How to Buy a Bitcoin?

Buying Bitcoin using a Bitcoin ATM is done in a simple 3 step process. Click Buy Bitcoin, Scan your Wallet, Insert cash and your bitcoins will be on its way to you. Check a video below for a detailed explanation.

Our machines are simple to use We Got You Covered with ChainBytes Bitcoin ATMs

If you can use your phone you can definitively use one of our machines. The simple process provided by ChainBytes is making us stand out!

How much Bitcoin can I Buy/Sell?

There are no limits to how much BTC you can buy or sell on the machine. For larger transactions, we will need to clear you and raise your limit. This can be accomplished directly at the machine during your purchase.

How long it takes to receive the bitcoin?

Transactions are broadcast immediately. To see Bitcoin in your wallet usually, it takes only a few minutes, depending on how busy the Bitcoin network is.  There are rare occasions where this may take longer. Refreshing your wallet may be needed. Websites, especially, may not recognize a payment until the transaction confirms (10-30 minutes later, usually) even though they have technically received the bitcoin. You can verify if your transaction has been sent by checking your address on a block explorer like

I have sold Bitcoin but i can't redeem?

Please check the amount you sent, the wallet you used may have subtracted the fee and we have received only a partial amount of BTC. Once you have sent the remaining amount you will be able to redeem.

This Bitcoin ATM been a blessing! It’s fast to send the Bitcoin and its super easy to use. Customer support is super polite and helpful. 


I wanted to get some bitcoin for a long time, but it’s so hard to get them. And all shady places never seamed like a good fit. Now I got my bitcoin from the ATM in the store where I shop all the time and feel safe! Thanks for this machine now I can say that I’m proud owner of my first BTC. To the moon!

David Smith

Awesome machine! BTC in my wallet in under 5 minutes! No more bank transfers and a long wait! Three clicks and i was out of there with my bitcoin! I buy my bitcoins where i buy my sports equipment!


Why Hippo Bitcoin ATMs:

Easily reachable locations in Hatfield, PA and the Lehigh Valley

Higher limits for customers needing higher transactions

Buy Bitcoin for cash and sell Bitcoin for cash via Bitcoin ATM

Simple interface that makes transactions a walk in the park

Local support team for support and inquiries

Local indoor locations with parking space

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Hippo Bitcoin ATMs


Simple Transaction


Easy 3 step Buy Bitcoin operation


Premium customer service


Quick responses


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