Can you buy bitcoin in Line Lexington? Are there Bitcoin ATMs near me?

Yes! There are several Bitcoin ATM locations in Line Lexington, Pennsylvania that offer instant buying or selling of Bitcoin for cash and service the entire Lehigh Valley Region.

The most popular Bitcoin ATMs in Line Lexington are hosted by Hippo Kiosks, a veteran-owned Bitcoin ATM operating company with nearly 40 machines deployed across Pennsylvania.  

There is 1 Bitcoin ATMs available in Line Lexington , located at:  

Line Lexington A-Plus at Sunoco Gas Station (1501 Bethlehem Pike, Line Lexington, PA, 18932) 

The Bitcoin ATM in Line Lexington A-Plus at Sunoco Gas Station Food Mart Gas Station is placed at the front of the store, on the left of the entrance, next to the traditional ATM. The machine is available to the public 24/7 and parking is available at the site of the location.
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These Bitcoin ATMs in Line Lexington allow people in the area to buy Bitcoin instantly by simply scanning your Bitcoin wallet and inserting the cash in the machines. 


How do I buy bitcoin in Line Lexington? 

Buying Bitcoin through a Bitcoin ATM only takes a couple steps. 

  1. Find the nearest location:  
  2. Once you’re at the machine select Buy Bitcoin 
  3. Select the amount that you with to buy  
  4. Scan your wallet  
  5. Put your cash in the machine  
  6. Press confirms purchase and a receipt will print for you. 

To watch this process step by step, check out the video below:  



How do I find a Bitcoin ATM in Line Lexington? 

Line Lexington A-Plus at Sunoco Gas Station (1501 Bethlehem Pike, Line Lexington PA 18932)
Hours: 24/7
Parking: Parking is available at the site of the location.
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How do I find nearby Bitcoin ATM locations? 

To locate a Bitcoin ATM near Allentown, visit Hippo Kiosk’s Bitcoin ATM map that shows all the operational Bitcoin ATMs near Allentown, Easton, Wilkes-Bare, and entire Lehigh Valley area. You can also search locations on Hippo Kiosk’s website.  

What is the price of bitcoin? Do I need to buy a whole bitcoin? 

The price of Bitcoin is always changing. The price at which the ATM is selling Bitcoin for at the time of the purchase will be displayed on the screen of the machine. However, Bitcoin ATMs do not require that you buy a whole Bitcoin. How much you buy is up to you. You can buy as little as $5 or much more than that. 

Is online registration necessary for using Bitcoin ATM?

No, there are no online registrations for Hippo ATM’s, you just need a bitcoin wallet address and cash, in some cases the ATM may ask you for your phone number or it may prompt you to scan your ID, both of which you will do on the machine. There are no additional steps and no need for any online registration or account creations. 


Still have questions?

If you have any other questions about buying Bitcoin, have recommendations on where we should add locations, or anything else, we want to hear from you! 

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