Discover the historic charm and vibrant culture of Easton, Pennsylvania. This thriving city is a center of trade and history and is located where the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers converge. In this article, we will take you on a journey through Easton’s landmarks, events, and neighborhoods while highlighting the modern side of Easton, technological advances, and an easy access to Bitcoin through the Bitcoin ATMs in the city.

A Glimpse into Easton’s History

Founding and Early Years

Founded in the mid-18th century, Easton was named after Thomas Penn’s family estate in England. It served as a strategic location during the Revolutionary War, with George Washington famously crossing the Delaware River nearby. Easton made a substantial contribution to the growth of the area as Northampton County’s county seat.

Canal and Railroad Periods

Easton flourished during the canal and railroad periods in the 19th century, becoming a major commercial center. The Lehigh Canal, connecting the city with the larger Delaware and Lehigh rivers, enabled the transportation of coal and other goods, fostering growth and prosperity.

Historic Districts and Landmarks

Today, Easton boasts numerous historic districts and landmarks. The downtown area, centered around Centre Square, is home to beautifully preserved buildings, including the Northampton County Courthouse. The Central Square is now also a home to technological advances, with a Bitcoin ATM placed at Easton Corner Market just a few steps away.  The city also takes pride in its historic homes, like the George Taylor House, where one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence once lived.

Exploring the Best of Easton

  • Crayola Experience: Being one of the most famous attractions in the city, the Crayola experience provides interactive activities for families to join in while learning about the Crayola crayon industry. The landmark, which stands in the center of Easton’s downtown, is beloved by both locals and tourists.
  • Lafayette College: Lafayette College, a distinguished liberal arts institution that contributes to the city’s thriving intellectual and cultural life, is located in Easton. The college hosts various events throughout the year, including lectures, performances, and sporting events.
  • Heritage Day: Heritage Day is an annual celebration held in July, commemorating Easton’s role in the Revolutionary War. It includes live music, historical reenactments, and fun things for everyone. It’s the ideal chance to become fully immersed in the city’s fascinating past.

Discovering Easton’s Neighborhoods

  • Downtown Easton: Downtown Easton, PA offers a mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. There is something to enjoy for everyone, including restaurants, pubs, two Bitcoin ATMs located at 12th Street Market and Deli, and Easton Corner Market and shops that sell art.
  • South Side Easton: South Side Easton, PA, situated along the Lehigh River, is a residential neighborhood with a strong sense of community. Due to considerable redevelopment initiatives in recent years, the neighborhood is now a fantastic place to live and travel.
  • College Hill: Adjacent to Lafayette College, College Hill is a vibrant neighborhood with beautiful homes and tree-lined streets. The area is ideal for those looking to explore Easton’s academic and cultural offerings.


Easton’s Thriving Business Scene

Easton’s thriving business scene is yet another aspect that makes this city so attractive. Home to numerous small businesses, the downtown area has become a bustling hub of commerce and innovation. Local business owners have embraced the city’s rich heritage and diverse culture to develop a distinctive fusion of establishments that serve both locals and tourists.

Supporting Local Businesses

Shopping at neighborhood stores in Easton helps the local economy develop while also fostering a sense of community. You can support job creation, economic growth, and a sense of community pride by choosing to spend your money at small, locally-owned businesses.

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The Future of Bitcoin in Easton

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Embracing Digital Currency

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In conclusion, Easton, Pennsylvania, offers a unique blend of history, culture, and innovation. The presence of Hippo Bitcoin ATM in the city makes it even more appealing to residents and visitors alike. If you’re in Easton, be sure to explore its rich heritage, support local businesses, and experience the convenience of buying Bitcoin with Hippo Bitcoin ATM.

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